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Anny Blatt Absolu

Anny Blatt Absolu

Composition: 100% angora
Size: 25g ball
Length: 160m / 177yd
Recommended needle size: 3-3.5mm / US3-4 / 10-11UK
Tension: 25st over 10cm
Washing instructions: Hand wash, dry flat
Made in: France

If you're seeking the genuinely exceptional, then you've found it here. It is Anny Blatt's Absolu, an exceptional 100% French angora that is the product of patient, complex and infinitely precise cross-breeding of one of the oldest breeds of French Angora rabbits. The result is an unique, exquisite yarn in three totally natural colors unlike any other angora available anywhere else on the planet. Given the rarity of the fiber and the complexity of the process, only a very limited supply is available each year. To protect the extreme softness and amazing fluffiness, each skein comes in its own individual case along with unique certificate indicating the custom number assigned to each of the limited production balls of absolute luxury. Absolu. Truly an exceptional 100% French Angora unlike any other.

Please note: The colour names given below are not official and are only provided as a guide. It's impossible to guarantee an accurate colour display for every computer monitor so if you're unsure, we recommend you visit our shop to inspect the wool personally.

DISC refers to yarns that have been discontinued by the supplier. We may not be able to source additional stock, so if you're planning a garment we recommend buying all the yarn at once.

  • Anny Blatt 1211 AbsoluAnny Blatt 1211 Absolu
    1211 Absolu
    54 packets available
  • Anny Blatt 157 AbsoluAnny Blatt 157 Absolu
    157 Absolu
    34 packets available
  • Anny Blatt 438 AbsoluAnny Blatt 438 Absolu
    438 Absolu
    64 packets available
  • Anny Blatt 619 AbsoluAnny Blatt 619 Absolu
    619 Absolu
    69 packets available
  • Anny Blatt 918 AbsoluAnny Blatt 918 Absolu
    918 Absolu
    43 packets available